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I always loved the little LED lights on the synthesizers, they dance with your music lighten up your setup and just look cool. I have been thinking about building a box covered with LED strips where I can blink the lights in sync with a tempo and make them dance with the music. Moduled Nano is a first step towards that direction…

Moduled Nano is a MIDI programmable LED animator. You can load sequences of 8x8 pixel images as animations and pay them in different ways. It has two main modes:


In the MIDI mode each image in the sequence is displayed according to the pitch. The higher the pitch gets the further you move along the animation. Different animations can be selected with the buttons. In this mode the left knob controls the LED brightness and the right knob controls the LED ring color.

Free Mode

In the free mode the animations play sequentially. You can again switch between animations using the buttons. In the free mode left knob controls the animation speed and the right knob again controls the LED ring color.


Arduino code