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Young Turkish scientist aims to be a pioneer

Kutay Sezginel, who is doing a PhD in computational materials design aims to be a pioneer by digitizing world’s first nanocar race.

Scientists say that nanotechnology will bring many technological advancements. These days they not only design molecular machines but also organize a nanocar race to measure their performance. The first nanocar race was organized in 2017 in France with 6 teams moving their molecules using special electron microscopes. The purpose of the nanocar race is to improve our ability to control matter at a very very small scale. Kutay Berk Sezginel (29), who is doing a PhD in computational materials design at University of Pittsburgh developed a software to help design nanocars.

Looking for Support

Sezginel is organizing a computational version of the nanocar race and he is currently looking for support. Sezginel said “I think it would be amazing to spearhead such a race as Turkish scientists and I think it would greatly benefit our country. We named the organization Formula Nano, you can check out our website at formulanano.com.”

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